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FTI PIEROMALOGISTICS LIMITED is a company that specializes in logistics using state of the art technology. In today's fast moving world, we ensure our clients flexibility, reliability, speed, accuracy, security and value. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, our logistics experts work directly with our clients to optimize their supply chains by developing and implementing customized transportation solutions that best fit their needs.Our focus on providing excellence and value to our customers is made possible by our team of experts who bring passion to their work and are totally committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectation.

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Brief about our services

Sea Freight

At FTI PIEROMALOGISTICS LIMITED, we handle voluminous Sea Freight operations such as containerized shipments, groupage and other bulk shipments.

Express Air Cargo

Air freight provides seamless, efficient, peace of mind and faster means of cargo shipments. At FTI PIEROMALOGISTICS LIMITED, we have extraordinary amount of experience to handle your shipments from it’s origin to it’s final destination location.


Our warehouses have adequate storage facilities guaranteeing effective handling of goods. Standard storage vaults, lift vans and steel containers to facilitate efficient storage and unhindered item movement with “Insurance Covered.

Packaging and Removal

For years, our Packing and Removal department have been moving goods such as household equipment, personal effects, office equipment, plant machinery as well as complete plants across the world.


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